About us ...


IAC’s history begins in 1978 due to the vision of their founders, Mr. Fernando Gonzalez Cabrera and Mr. Manuel Henriques Pinto, having granted its Certification from the former Portuguese Civil Authority, the DGAC, with the nº 1/78 1/78, having as a main goal the maintenance and repair of light aircrafts from the Center and North of Portugal.

Due to the fact that Mr. Fernando Cabrera left us prematurely, the company had to reorganize itself. Mrs. Natália Pinto bought Mr. Cabrera’s shares and took her place in the Administration board in April, 1982.

From 1982 on, the company has stabilized its operation and began growing sustainably, achieving to consolidate its position in the Portuguese light aircraft market thanks to the quality of its work and due to the confidence from their Customers.

After JAA was created, and later, EASA and its Regulation, IAC had to gradually reorganize the company’s internal procedures in order to adapt its internal procedures to the new demands. Due to this gradual adjustment IAC has managed to, step by step, increase the level of approvals granted and the number of aircraft models included in the scope of approvals grated.


Reached the stability, the main objectives of the company include the following aspects:

  • To keep increasing the scope of authorized works and the number of approvals granted;
  • To win new markets, both in terms of model planes and in terms of geographic space, seeking abroad for work that is decreasing domestically, due to financial crisis Portugal is facing;
  • Continuous improvement of quality of services and the implementation of new procedures.


IAC, as a team, assumes the following commitments::

  • Client global satisfaction through the continuous seeking for the total quality of the works performed;
  • the respect for the applicable regulation in force;
  • the accomplishment with the approved internal procedures;
  • satisfactory answers and in due time to the customers’ requests, facing them always as new challenges.

These commitments are collectively assumed by the entire organization’s structure, from Administration to the Production department.