Total guaranteed costs for scheduled maintenance inspections

Our Maintenance Costs Table includes, not only the labor needed for the execution of the scheduled maintenance tasks described in the Aircraft Maintenance Programs (AMP), but also all the mandatorily replaced parts in accordance with AMP.

We believe that we are, this way, providing a quality service to our Clients based on our policy of transparency.

Type of Inspection
Final guaranteed Price
xxxx  €

The above values may be subject to slight variations (up to 5%) without notice or other type of contact and do not include:

  • Any parts and / or labor for Any materials and / or workmanship for correcting anomalies detected during inspections or reported to the reception of the aircraft;
  • Replacement / repair / overhaul of components / accessories that are damaged and / or that have reached the end of service life;
  • Labor and / or materials for compliance with mandatory AD’s;
  • Labor and / or parts for other works not described in the scheduled Inspection Protocols;
  • VAT at legal rate.

NOTA: Shall the make and model of your aircraft is not in this list, please, contact us.