IAC has a set of certifications that makes it one of the most versatile and complete companies within the national light aviation landscape, giving an appropriate and effective response to increasing market demands and requirements.


Maintenance service Nowadays IAC is approved in accordance with EASA Part 145 to perform, base and line maintenance tasks to over 60 models of light aircrafts. IAC also holds an Approval Technical Cartificate in accordance with national regulation CTI 10-06 (INAC) to perform any kind of maintenance to over a dozen classic aircraft models, included in the so called EASA Annex II (aircraft out of production for many years and / or which holder Type Certificate is no more active). The care we put in restoring a Cessna 337 is similar to the tenderness we service a Piper Cub.
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CAMO (Continued Airworthiness Management)

CAMO service In accordance with EASA regulations, it is now possible that some organisations approved under certain conditions, to extend the validity of Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) for a year, by twice, without any paperwork or requests to INAC. Such ability is granted to continuing airworthiness management organizations (CAMO’s) approved in accordance with EASA Parte M, sub part G. IAC is authorized to manage the continued airworthiness of more than fifty light aircraft models, enabling customers to prevent the weeks / months waiting for the documentation to go through the whole circuit of bureaucratic national aviation authority (INAC).
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Repairs/ Modifications

Repair/Modification service

IAC, without false modesty, already entered in the history of light aviation in Portugal, since the tens, if not hundreds of aircraft already recovered, make IAC the greatest enemy of national importers of used aircrafts and parts, saving the country millions of euros. Also the modifications are one of the trademarks of the IAC, highlighting among others, the following works:

  • Modification for vertical aerial photography in several models of aircrafts, such as Cessna 210, 310, 421, Piper PA34 "Seneca", Beechcraft Baron and Bonanza, etc.;
  • Project and Modification for skydiving, in accordance with national regulation in force up to September, 2003, in various aircrafts such as Cessna 172, 182, 206, 207 and 210;
  • Modification for banner and glider towing in aircraft models Cessna 152, 172, 182, 185, 206, Socata Rallye, Pierre Robin HR100/210;
  • Recovering and powerplant upgrade of two Chipmunk MK-20 aircrafts for Portugueses Air Force Academy;
  • Instalation of supplemental fuel tanks in several kinds of aircrafts (Cessna 172, 182, 206, 210, 310 e 421, Beechcraft Bonanza, etc.);
  • Total recovery for flight of one Dornier Do-27 aircraft for Portuguese Air Force Museum;

Among the repair Works made at IAC, we stand out from structural repairs of several types of agricultural aircrafts (Cessna 188, Piper PA25 e PA36, Ayres Thrush, Grumman G-164, Air Tractor, etc.) either from Portugues either from Spanish registration, to repairs of all kinds of light aircrafts, namely, Cessna from 150 to 210, Piper from J-3C to PA-44, Socata Rallye and TB series, Commander 112, Mooney M20, Auster, Culver, Helio Courier, etc.;

IAC is awaiting, at this time, from EASA for the approval of its Manual of Alternative Procedures to Design Organization Approval and subsequent certification, ie very soon it will be possible to project Minor and Major Repairs or Changes, and even STC's projects for all type light aircraft, submit them for approval by EASA and implement them, of course.
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EASA AP-DOA Design Organization

Stc Implementation

IAC is certified by EASA (AP-395) for design, which means, we are able to modify an aircraft from its original design(STC), as well as major repairs project approval.

Until now we achive to approve the following EASA STC's:

Cessna 182 STC modification for skydiving operation

Approved by EASA at 14 May 2014 with the identification 10049146. The STC includes the following:

  • Modification of the right door to open it upwards;
  • Removal of the co-pilot control wheel;
  • Add instrument panel protection;
  • Static line parachutes support;
  • Parachutist's platform fixed to wheel nut and in the foot step of the right landing gear;
  • Aircraft allows up to 5 skydivers.

Check making of photos for a clear view of the STC.

Cessna 206 STC modification for skydiving operation

Approved by EASA at 17 October 2014 with the identification 10050851. The STC includes the following:

  • Substitution of the right rear cargo door by a sliding door;
  • Removal of the co-pilot control wheel;
  • Add instrument panel protection;
  • Static line parachutes support;
  • Parachutist's platform fixed to wheel nut and in the foot step of the right landing gear;
  • Parachutist's platform fixed below the cargo sliding door;
  • 2 benches for 5 skydivers;
  • 2 handles above and to the right of the cargo sliding door;
  • Aircraft allows up to 6 skydivers.

Check making of photos for a clear view of the STC.

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Painting service IAC has invested decidedly in implementing painting internal procedures that allow, simultaneously, optimizing processes, resulting in cost savings, and the continuous improvement of quality standards.
We, at IAC, are aware that the final aspect of our work reflects the quality of the whole process, so our professionals commit themselves to give the final touch to every work with the brilliance our clients deserve.
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Other Services

Other services

IAC is also certified to perform certain additional work to maintenance, repair and modification of aircraft, such as:

  • Low and Medium Pressure hoses manufacture (assembling);
  • Acrylic glass molding for the manufacture of windows and windshields;
  • Manufacture of control cables;
  • Non destructive inspections by endoscopy and videoscopy;
  • Weight and balance of aircrafts (including a customized by aircraft balancing calculator);
  • Calibration tests of torque wrenches and cable tensiometers (only internal service);
  • etc.

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